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Hellish Heavenly and the Valley Under the Rainbow
         Ever felt trapped by an unexpected change in your travel plans? Missing the plane, arriving late, lost luggage, or loss of vallet, changes in the weather are just a few that can frustrate you. After so much dreaming, planning and expense, you can easily feel frustrated and ready to give it up?
        Well, as long as you are healthy and passionate, there is no reason not to have fun, not to try to make the best of it all! 
Our latest skiing vacation ended up to look like a disaster. After a dreamlike drive from LA to Heavenly on Highway 395, all seemed to work out just great: comfortable accomodations, brand new ski equipment, plenty of snow and all the runs open on the day of our arrival. After a great nights' rest however, we wake up to cloudy skies, strong winds, closed ski lifts and chanllenging roads, covered with snow and ice. We could have stayed in our room and get waisted, or go to the rooftop and soak in the outdoor jacuzzy joining total strangers already waisted. Instead, we decided to explore and experience the storm outdoors. After al, we did have warm clothes, a four wheel drive, and the Csilla the dog our super high energy vizsla puppy "who" needed a walk, rain or shine.
        As soon as we opened the door, we started to have second toughts. The fresh snow blocked the door and the wind pushed against it with unexpected force. I managed to make it to the truck, warm it up, and take off. The plan was to chek out Carson Valley, just down the mountain. Afer barely making it to the highway, we were stopped by police, there to clear the road blocked by several crashed cars. All they wanted me to do is to stop taking pictures and keep driving. So this is what I did.  

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